Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Part P Compliant

Prospective and current landlords need to consider and understand the new Part P Building Regulations. Introduced in 2005, Part P is intended to increase the safety of households by improving the design, installation, inspection and the testing of electrical installations in homes whether they are being newly built, extended or altered. Failure to comply with the Building Regulations is a criminal offence and local authorities have the power to require the removal or alteration of work that does not comply.

As a result landlords will have to follow new guidelines when carrying out electrical work in the home or garden. It is therefore important to remember, those who are not registered including ‘DIY-ers’, must notify or submit plans to a building control body before commencing work including repairs, replacements and maintenance work, extra power or lighting points and other alterations to existing circuits in specialist locations such as the kitchen, and rooms containing a bath tub or shower basin, swimming or paddling pools and garden lighting.

Should you build or extend your own home we can advise you on electrical layout and provide you with ideas for the perfect finish.

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